Toronto, ON

Wednesday April 10th &
Thursday April 11th 2019

Unlock the Power of Digital to Engage the Best Candidates

Harness social, AI and mobile, and transform your digital recruitment for the new talent acquisition era!

The world of recruitment is now a fully digital experience. With a dizzying array of new recruitment solutions now at your fingertips, it’s important that you act now to avoid being left behind! Pushing out job posts will no longer work – you need to pull candidates to you by promoting your organization, no matter whether you are in the public or private sector. Transform your talent acquisition to win the best candidates before it’s too late. Use new tools to:

  • Digitize employment branding
  • Harness AI and machine-learning
  • Utilize people analytics
  • Improve talent sourcing
  • Leverage mobile first
  • Undertake social listening
  • Amplify gamification strategies

Position yourself at the front of talent sourcing at the only digital talent acquisition Summit in Canada.

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