Lucie Houle

Leader, Employee Experience, Talent and Culture

Lucie Houle, an organizational psychologist, oversees leadership development and talent acquisition and growth.

She’s also responsible for guiding corporate culture priorities and initiatives. Her teams advise business sectors in the evolution, performance and diversification of their work force using modern solutions focused on the employee experience. Passionate, engaged and authentic, Ms. Houle has been contributing to the success of groups and individuals for almost 20 years. She is particularly interested in change and transformation projects.


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Day 1: Mar 3, 2020

2:45 pm

2:45 pm


Analyze your Company’s Needs to Build the Business Case for Investing in Digital Talent Acquisition Technology and Getting Buy-in from Leadership

While many companies have embraced digital talent acquisition as part of their overall HR transformation, leadership in other organizations have yet to fully grasp its importance to their future success.  Encourage the adoption of digital HR tools and technology in your organization by building a solid business case targeted to your company’s needs.  Take back to the team best practices to create a blueprint for your business case by:

  • Understanding the differences and commonalities between high-growth and more mature companies to help you analyse your company’s needs
  • Demonstrating how adopting digital talent acquisition can accelerate the achievement of organizational goals
  • Get leadership buy-in by clearly identifying potential ROI and impact on your company’s ability to compete

Set the stage for your organization’s transition to digital HR by establishing a rock-solid business case for adopting digital technology for Talent Acquisition

Day 2: Mar 4, 2020