Dax Sardinha

Director, Talent Acquisition

Dax Sardinha is a Talent Management and Talent Acquisitions leader who for over 18 years, has been helping businesses find their perfect hires through successfully execution of key talent and business objectives. He supports a consultative approach and leverages his knowledge and experience with Learning & Development, Compensation, Benefits, and New hire processes with a focus on Diversity and Mentorship.

Dax has successfully supported hiring and Talent Management initiatives for key brands such as RBC, TD Bank and now with QuadReal. In addition to his extensive Talent Management and Recruitment experience, Dax holds a bachelors degree from Carleton University along with PMP and Lean Six-Sigma certifications and a member of the Career Professionals of Canada (CPC).

All Sessions by Dax Sardinha

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Day 1: Mar 3, 2020

11:45 am

11:45 am


Maximizing digital talent acquisition without losing the human touch

Personalized experiences are critical to attract top talent. While technology can make recruitment processes faster, they can also depersonalize the application process. Create a personal application experience with AI to streamline and enhance recruitment processes. Illustrate how to:

  • Maximize these tools and not lose the human touch. Should and do these tools give us more time for the human touch?
  • Ensure a personalized human experience with candidates while still leveraging technology
  • Gain candidates’ interest by using twitter and Instagram without losing the human touch

Ensure a personalized human experience with candidates while still leveraging technology

Day 2: Mar 4, 2020

11:15 am

11:15 am


State of the TA industry: Prepare for future trends to excel in the war for talent

Digital technologies have increased the pace of the war for talent. Prepare your organization for the future and ensure you are prepared for the newest trends in talent acquisition. Adopt best practices to:

  • Establish to structure recruitment with a clients-first approach
  • Assess user experience within your talent acquisition practice
  • What’s on the horizon: Identify up and coming trends that will transform TA in the future

Ensure your organization is prepared for the newest trends in talent acquisition