Chelsea Howard

Director, Talent Strategies

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Chelsea Howard began a career in journalism after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Honours English Literature. Working as a radio & web producer, she uncovered a love of leveraging transmedia to construct narratives and elicit a response from a targeted audience. Chelsea moved to Toronto in 2011 to pursue a Masters of Media Production at Ryerson University.


Upon completion, Chelsea dove into an emerging marketing discipline called employer branding. Applying methodologies ranging from traditional marketing to those born out of her own non-traditional career journey, she has worked with companies ranging from boutique marketing agencies to big brands like Canadian Tire and her current role as Director of Employer Brand at CIBC. Chelsea is an expert in identifying and profiling segmented talent audiences and delivering tailored content strategies that inspire people to think: what’s the next step in my career journey?


Chelsea has also been involved in creating cross-platform strategies that speak to members of diverse demographics.

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Pre – Conference Workshops Mar 2, 2020

9:00 am

9:00 am


How to use your employment brand, recruitment marketing campaigns and AI driven tools to deliver recruiting excellence

During the last decade of economic expansion, organizations have focused on finding the right talent to drive business growth. However, record-low unemployment rates and skills shortages in many technical areas has made recruiting harder.

This workshop will take you through the tools you need to leverage to develop a leading-edge recruitment strategy. Create a road map to:

  1. Polish your employer brand
  2. Develop a winning recruitment marketing campaign
  3. Use new AI tools effectively
  4. Continuously ‘access talent’
  5. Mobilize internal resources
  6. Find people in the alternative workforce
  7. Strategically leverage technology to augment sourcing and boost recruiting productivity

Use employment brands, recruitment marketing campaigns and AI driven tools to deliver recruiting excellence

Day 1: Mar 3, 2020

Day 2: Mar 4, 2020