Arnaud Kermouche

Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Arnaud Kermouche

Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Michelin North America


After starting his career 20 years ago in recruitment firms, Arnaud has over the course of his career developed an expertise in the design, implementation and management of key programs and initiatives to drive Talent Acquisition/Management strategies, covering all aspects of Talent Attraction, Employer Branding, Candidate/Employee Experience, Recruitment processes and Organizational Culture.

Whether at Rogers Communications, Uni-Select where he set up the Talent Acquisition department for North America, at Bombardier Transportation where he was responsible for Talent Acquisition for the Americas region, and today at Michelin North-America as the Employer Branding Lead (following the acquisition of Camso where he used to be the Global Talent Acquisition Director), Arnaud is passionate about his field.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he is results-oriented and known for his creativity, adopting rigorous professional standards and is always on the lookout for professional best practices.

His experience and enthusiasm has led him to share as a speaker at major conferences such as LinkedIn Talent Connect 2013 and 2014 in Las Vegas and San Francisco, and during the first edition of the “Grandes Conférences Les Affaires” 2014 in Montreal dedicated to the Employer Brand.


His favorite motto: “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?“ (George Bernard Shaw)



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Day 1: Mar 3, 2020

12:45 pm

12:45 pm


Gain the Benefits of DTA Tools Including Artificial Intelligence and Retain a Personal Touch to Improve Candidate Experience

The experience you provide candidates when they interact with your digital platform is critical to winning top talent.  If it’s not positive, candidates will amplify it over social media and you run the risk of alienating the people you want to attract, or worse, damaging your brand.  Learn how to leverage the benefits of DTA tools including AI and still include a human touch.  Take away key tips and insights to help you:

  • Understand how candidates access your platform, and ensure it is easy to use
  • Gain efficiencies of DTA and AI to free up time to insert a personal touch for your candidates in the application process
  • Use the time you save to bolster your candidate experience by using online channels such as social media and improving your company’s online presence

Learn how to both power up your hiring process and improve candidate experience

Day 2: Mar 4, 2020