The future of talent acquisition is DIGITAL!

Keep up to speed with the advancements in talent acquisition. Ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and strategies to leverage technology to get the best and brightest candidates.


20+talent acquisition leaders
12 different industries represented
6+dedicated hours of networking
10+Case Studies
2In-depth Workshops

Get new insights to recruit top talent:

  1. New technologies: Uncover the potential of digital to boost your recruitment strategy
  2. Candidate experience: Deliver a positive experience to ensure a quality pipeline
  3. Social media: Leverage the right platforms to better connect with candidates
  4. Content marketing: Reach the best talent with meaningful information
  5. Mobile first: Make the application process simple and easy on the small screen
  6. Online reviews: Develop a positive online reputation
  7. Data-driven: Improve your decision-making with data and analytics
  8. Predictive analytics: Use data to inform your hiring decisions
  9. Video interviews: Develop new approaches to screen your candidates

+ Many More!

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