Stephen Chesley

Senior Workforce Planning Specialist

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Pre – Conference Workshops Mar 2, 2020

1:00 pm

1:00 pm


Build a digital employer brand that draws candidates to you

There is a strong relationship between the employee value proposition and employer branding, yet many talent acquisition teams struggle to connect the two to create an effective employer brand.

In this workshop, you will use branding to communicate your organization’s value and learn to use it to attract the top candidates you need for roles in your organization. Source a step-by-step strategy to:

  1. Create an employer brand that resonates and is differentiated
  2. Develop a channel strategy to effectively communicate your employer brand
  3. Look ahead to determine the most important employer branding trends
  4. Build your brand and amplify it via employees
  5. Work with your marketing department to maximize the benefits of a strong employer brand

Use effective branding to communicate your organization’s value

Day 1: Mar 3, 2020

Day 2: Mar 4, 2020