Gerry Crispin

Principal & Co-Founder

Gerry describes himself as a life-long student.

He stays grounded by engaging a community of friends & colleagues every day- actively promoting the notion that Talent Acquisition (TA) is the ‘point of the spear’ of HR. Every stakeholder in the hiring process, especially candidates, must have their basic needs addressed.

Gerry founded CareerXroads in 1996 to encourage the transformation of hiring into the 21st century.

Today, with his business partner, Chris Hoyt, CareerXroads is in its second decade as a member driven community of Talent leadership teams from 130 major firms who are devoted to learning from and helping one another improve and succeeed.

In 2010, Gerry co-founded a non-profit, Talentboard, with Elaine Orler and Ed Newman, to better define and research the Candidate Experience, a subject he has been passionate about for more than 30 years. Today the ‘CandEs’ has firmly established itself around the world and establishes benchmarks for employers each year in North America, Europe, Asia and soon South America as a ‘bench’ that shares their Candidate Experience data and competitive practices (based on more than a quarter million candidate surveys each year from 300-500 participating employers.)

In 2017, the Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals was launched after years of discussion with practitioners, consultants and service providers. Approaching 1000 members in 2019, ATAP’s Board of Directors is building a body of work to truly support recruiting as a profession. This milestone completed another bucket list item Gerry was intent on seeing through.

Gerry co-authored eight books on the evolution of staffing, and has written 100s of articles and whitepapers on similar topics. His career spans 50 years and includes Consulting, Recruitment Advertising, HR leadership positions with Fortune 100 employers, Executive Search and Career Services at the University where he graduated with his BE and in Engineering and IO/Psychology degrees.

Gerry’s student persona keeps fresh by leading global delegations of CHROs and TA leaders with China Gorman each year to interview government officials, employers, professors and students about work and hiring practices somewhere in the world. Recent countries include Japan (2017), Cuba (2015) and Eastern Europe (2018). Next up is Singapore (November, 2019). Still openings available.

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Day 1: Mar 3, 2020

Day 2: Mar 4, 2020

8:45 am

8:45 am


Talent Acquisition: The coin with 2 sides

When it comes to our preoccupation with applying emerging technology, data insights, automation, candidate experience, internal mobility, full transparency and talent communities to our toughest challenges, can we still ignore the unanticipated consequences many of these solutions are surfacing? Take a closer look at whether business leaders will ever agree to fully support a 21st century response to an 18th century model of recruiting. Establish ways to discover:

  • How and why we can make decisions about who we hire much faster with fewer people as well as the unintended consequences of technology solutions
  • Technology to improve hiring decisions
  • Whether what we are measuring is important for talent acquisition and why

Establish whether business leaders will ever agree to fully support a 21st century response to an 18th century model of recruiting