Leading up to the first & only Summit focusing on the importance of Digital in Talent Acquisition, we asked reached out to thought-leaders who are speaking at the event about the benefits of leveraging the digital space for talent acquisition, it’s key factors and key challenges. We asked them to share their insights on the role of employment branding and the candidate journey to attract the best fit candidates.

  • What are the top benefits of leveraging the digital space for talent acquisition? Read insights
  • What are key challenges in implementing a digital talent acquisition strategy? Read insights
  • What are the key factors that need to be addressed to have a successful digital talent acquisition process? Read insights
  • What in your opinion is the role of Employment Branding in talent acquisition as well as retention? Read insights
  • How important is the recruitment process (UX/web design/mobile capability) to attract the best fit candidates to the company? Read insights

Contributors Include:

General Motors

Portrait of Will Maurer

Global Talent Sourcing Manager,
Will Maurer

Loblaw Digital

Portrait of Alina Owsianik

Talent Acquisition Manager,
Alina Owsianik


Portrait of Amar Grewal

Global Practice Director, Talent Acquisition,
Amar Grewal

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